The Best Part

of your day.

Reconnect to your body the right way.

Tired of waking up stiff?

Stretches not working?

Want to be athletic & functional like never before?

Our world is setup for convenience.


Convenience leads to less movement and more disconnection from the body.


Most of us think being stiff in the shoulders and tight in the hips is normal.


Most people think we have to lose our natural mobility and functional body as we grow older...


The only reason people believe this is because we don't have the right tools to stay free!

The culprit is mainstream fitness.

Mainstream fitness is all about superficial looks.

Glute exercises, six pack abs, dieting, heavy lifting.... 


These things are flashy and trendy.


But do nothing to actually make you feel good.


The information on keeping your body feeling strong and loose is harder to find.


What makes it even worse...


As you get older, you need different techniques to gain flexibility.


The 16-year-old gymnast on YouTube's stretches will not work for you.


And the absolute worst thing is...


As you become more stiff in your body, it takes more of your attention.


It makes you live more in the mind.


Everywhere you look, you find someone with a bum knee or an injured shoulder.

...and how can you be the best version of yourself when your body isn't feeling good?

Here's the Good News

You can reconnect to your body.


You can age gracefully and keep that youthful spirit.


You can become strong, flexible, and athletic at any age.


It just takes the right tools and techniques.


And some guidance.

I'll be your guide.

You deserve to feel free.

Guided is how you transform Your Body the Right Way.

When you join Guided, you'll get instant access to our routine library and a weekly schedule to follow.


All done from home with no equipment required.


You can expect:

  • Follow-along routines with voiceovers to guide you through form and technique

  • Made for all levels - beginners welcome

  • Natural, primal and flow movement for exploring your body’s capabilities.

  • New follow-alongs added twice a month based on what our members want to see.

Find the plan that's right for you.





Get your first month for $39. Cancel anytime.





Save $73 by pre-paying for the entire year.

Some folks becoming more free...

As a Guided bonus, get access to our latest program, Primal Flow.


  • Monthly programs that guide in developing primal movements.

  • Open up and gain more flexibility in your body through natural movement.

  • Each month builds on the last so you can keep progressing in your movement journey.

  • Build your body’s awareness and control.

  • Gain access to follow-along routines for strength, mobility, and movement focus

    At Strength Side, our main priority is feeling good. 


    This means feeling strong and powerful..


    flexible and limber...


    And having the ability to move around however you want.


    We are all about freedom.

    See you inside.